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Chicks and Ducklings 

We primarily offer hatching eggs and juveniles but we do hatch to order. :) 
Please contact us to place an order for chicks or ducklings. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required for us to set eggs.
Our minimum to ship is 10 chicks or ducklings .We do not ship bantam chicks.
Priority shipping is $35.Express is $60 and recommended if you are further than a few states away 
Pricing as follows.All chicks are unsexed unless specified 
LF Golden Laced cochin -$10
Heritage Barred Rock -$10
Black Copper Marans -$15
Blue Sexlink pullets -$8
Red cuckoo Orpington -$20
Columbian Wyandotte -$10
Shamo -$20
LF Barred Cochin -$15
Salmon Faverolle -$15
Blue and Splash laced Silver Wyandotte -$15
BBS Ameraucana -$15
Blue and Splash laced red wyandotte -$15
Rosecomb Rhode Island Red -$15

Saxony $15 straight run. Females $20
Assorted Indian runner -Female $15. SR $12
Fawn and White Runner. SR $12. Females $15
Blue Black Silver Swedish. Females $15. SR $10
Chocolate Magpie -SR$15. Female $20
Blue black silver Magpie . SR $15. $20 females
Crested/non crested Khaki Campbells. SR $10. Females $15
Chocolate Ancona. SR $15. Females $20
Crested/non crested Pekin SR $10. Females $15
Golden Appleyard. SR $15. Females $20
Cayuga. $20 straight run only
Chocolate Indian Runner. SR $12. Females $15
Exhibition White runner $20 each straight run only
Blue black silver runner. SR $12. Female $15
Trout Indian runner. $15 each straight run only
Silver Appleyard -SR $15. Females $20
Buff Orpington. SR $12. Females $15
Welsh Harlequin SR $12. Females $15
Dutch Hookbills -$20 each straight run only
Grey, Blue Fawn, Pastel Rouen- $20 SR only
Assorted color Ancona SR $15 . $20 females
Golden Cascade -$15 SR. $20 female
Pencilled Indian Runner $15 straight run only
Grey Indian Runner. $15 SR only 

Please call or text 252-315-6720 or email to order chicks or ducklings. We will get your information for shipping and give you an estimated ship date
We can send a PayPal invoice for the deposit and the remainder is due the weekend before Shipping. 

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